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"Jitsu: Just-In-Time Summoning of Unikernels"


How to build a system that is able to securely manage multi-tenant networked applications on embedded infrastructure?

  • Goals:

    • High density/scalability
    • Fast boot
    • Lightweight
    • VM-level isolation
    • "Embedded cloud"


  • OS are traditionally designed to run on a wide range of hardware, and support a variety of applications. But no longer true!

    • Hypervisors in the cloud provides virtual hardware abstractions
    • Many modern applications are single purpose microservices
  • Container:

    • Think of as a lightweight VM
    • Separate process space, network interface
    • Setuid/root access possible
    • Share kernel with host (thus, no I/O emulation, VM overheads)
    • chroot, cgroups
    • Pros:

      • Achieves much of VM charter
      • Separation of concerns: Dev (inside container), Ops (outside)
      • Lightweight, good deployment unit
    • Cons:

      • Limited compatibility
      • Limited isolation
    • Container vs. VM:

container vs. VM

  • Problem with layers in existing solution:

    • Complex configuration management
    • Duplication leads to inefficiency
    • Image size leads to long boot time
    • All the layer leads to large attack surface


  • Unikernels

    • Pros:

      • Lightweight (fast, IoT-amenable)
      • High consolidation ratios
      • Small attack surface
      • Type safety (safety in general)
      • Minimize multi-RM pathologies
      • Small binaries (host in git)
    • Cons:

      • Increased pressure on (cloud) scheduler
      • Threading
      • Cross-domain communication
      • Compatibility
    • Mirage Unikernel:

      • OS is a collection of modules (libs) with types (API)
      • Written in OCaml
      • Compact enough to boot/respond to network traffic in real-time

System Design

  • Jitsu: Unikernels on demand

    • Capture system dependencies in code/compile them away
    • Swap system libraries to target different platforms
    • Dev/Test on UNIX, deploy specializes to Xen


  • Jitsu Architecture:


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