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Welcome to my modest corner of the web! My name is Zack (Ze-Yuan) Hu (胡泽远 in Chinese). I'm a first year master student at The University of Texas at Austin and before becoming a longhorn, I spent two years working as a software engineer on Federstion Server, which shipped with DB2, dashDB, BigSQL, and many other IBM data warehouse solutions (i.e., If you can "interact" with multiple data source through one IBM product, federation is there).

I like to spend time on both system programming and machine learning: system programming makes me a better programmer; machine learning and specifically its application to Robotics and NLP fulfill my research interests. You can find more about me in my LinkedIn page or my resume (industry) (academia). When I'm exhausted, I like to write stuff and sing some songs.

I am contactable via. my personal email address ferrishu3886 [AT] gmail [DOT] com and am on twitter as @zeyuanhu.


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." --Jim Rohn